Mike graduated with BA Hons in Geography from Lancaster and a MA from Toronto, Canada. He is a full member of the Market Research Society and holds the Society’s Diploma

Mike has over 25 years of research experience. He started his career with Nestle and has subsequently worked for Boots and Barclays Bank. Since becoming independent in 1997 he has provided high quality, cost effective services direct to end clients and as an agency associate

Mike has three main principles which are applied to each project:

Insight – based on working within three blue chip companies and of working directly for over twenty five client organisations, Mike has sharp end experience of how research can be powerfully used to contribute to business knowledge and shape decision making

Expertise – in the course of his career, Mike has encountered most research techniques and approaches. These form a tool kit which can be readily shaped to your business issue to produce actionable results and recommendations

Quality – as a previous buyer of research, Mike appreciates the importance of results which are of the highest standard within any budget or operational limitations. By balancing practical considerations against the search for highest quality, you can be sure that your objectives will be met

Telephone: 01765 605 435 | Mobile: 07768 427 517 | Email: mike@mikeharrisonresearch.co.uk