Transport – Quantitative Project Management
A major regional public transport provider required a greater understanding of their passengers, including reasons for and frequency of travel, price sensitivity, service quality perceptions and reactions to new ticketing concepts. Over 1000 interviews were completed with a field force interviewing customers on board and at stops. As a result the provider has gained valuable insight regarding journey decision making, travel patterns and interest in new products. The project was also able to provide a valuable database as a source of further data analysis or additional research.

Financial Services – Associate Resource
Working as an associate with a leading UK research agency, Mike provided specialist resource to interview senior business customers of a leading High Street bank. The client required an in-depth understanding of the requirements of its customer base and deep insight into proposed service initiatives in order to establish a differentiated proposition which would develop into a leading market position. Through provision of written outputs and participation in brainstorm sessions, teleconference meetings and workshops Mike was able to add real value to the project and ensure that the client’s business objectives were fully met

Public sector and the environment – Sponsoring the National Forest
The National Forest aims to increase the support it generates from sponsors particularly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). A series of telephone depth interviews was conducted with three types of SME: current sponsors; those who had enquired about sponsorship in the past but not proceeded; and those who had not contacted the National Forest previously. The results gave the team valuable insight into which communication channels to use and vitally, identified the key messages that would motivate SMEs to participate and provide funding, even in a challenging economic environment

Healthcare Professionals Project – Market Insight and Understanding
A specialist producer and distributor of healthcare products wished to gained a thorough understanding of the market for its ranges among the healthcare professionals audience – both NHS and private sector. Face-to-face depth interviews were carried out with a large number of professionals across the country to gain sufficient breadth and depth of response to formulate a clear set of findings and recommendations. An on-site presentation and workshop with the marketing and operations teams ensured a full appreciation of the research results. These have served the company well in the development of new distribution channels, particularly its website operation which has become of key importance in both sales and profitability

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