Mike will use his experience and expertise to recommend the most appropriate research techniques for each business case, these may include:

Focus Groups - Using group dynamics to:

  • explore and understand views, opinions and reactions
  • develop ideas, propositions and concepts
  • explore product and service experiences
  • gauge reaction to stimulus materials

Depth Interviews - Face to face and Phone, used for:

  • understanding personal stories
  • delving into purchase processes
  • exploring individual views of advertising and marketing materials, and so replicating real life exposure
  • contacting dispersed or hard to find consumer and business targets
  • researching personal, confidential or sensitive subject matters

Accompanied Shops - Used for:

  • getting under the skin of shopper behaviour
  • replicating actual experience at point of purchase
  • coupling purchasing with in home usage, to understand their relationship
  • gaining a close understanding of the role of merchandising and in store advertising

Tracking - Used to:

  • monitor awareness, usage and attitude change over time
  • measure the impact of marketing activity, external events and regulatory change
  • engage the most cost effective interview techniques, face to face, by phone or online
  • provide large sample sizes for statistical robustness of results

Reporting - Used to:

  • distil the key data and facts from resource libraries
  • summarise the data into actionable recommendations with strategic insights
  • draw on both published and non published information
  • pursue objective analysis of existing data and give a fresh perspective

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